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Piin is a social networking App created to help you connect with like-minded people where you are right now. Check in to your favourite places from coffee shops, bars, sports events, gyms to museums and airports and discover people who want to date or make new friends and connections in real time. Check in solo or as a group and make authentic connections! 

Control who, what and where.

Intent is everything. Matching without knowing what the other person wants is a recipe for disappointment and wasted energies. When you check in with Piin, you state what you’re looking for and will only see and be seen by like-minded peeps. Our advanced filters let you be as picky or as unpicky as you like. 

Privacy is important to us so we let you decide when you want to be seen and whether you are open to receiving messages once you have matched. 

Relax​​​​. Let us hook you up.

In a coffee shop with your head buried in your smartphone or laptop? Out with work folk, but still open to meeting someone new?

Don’t worry. We will alert you when someone who matches your intent and filters walks into your location. No need to lose your focus by continually scanning the room or watching the door.....


Sitting on your sofa at home? Feeling too lazy to leave the house? We got you. Cast your net out and discover all the fishes far and wide...

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Pre-register and get advanced features free for six months!