Matching and Messaging

Why can’t I message someone I see in my or nearby locations?

Messaging is enabled once you have matched with someone.

Only women can initiate a conversation.

If the match is of the same sex then either person can initiate a chat.

Why has my match or message disappeared?

If you can no longer see someone or the match history with you have connected with, the user has unmatched you, deleted their account or they have been blocked by Piin.

Don’t be sad, there are plenty more fish in the sea!

Can I recover a deleted match?

It is not possible at this time recover a match you have deleted. Piin asks you to verify you want to delete match first to avoid accidents!

Why am I not receiving any matches?

Assuming that there are potential matches in your location that you are ‘liking’ then you could try improving your profile information and the quality of your photos.

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