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Why Piin?

Because we put the power back in your hands. You get to filter the profiles you see, who can see you and heck, if you’re ultra-picky, you can even filter by hair colour. You only see and get seen by people who are looking for the same thing as you. Kiss good-bye to guessing games!

If you’re using the check in feature you get to find out straight away if you have a natural spark or connection with someone. Don’t be a statistic. Only 10% of matches result in a date on the most popular apps and 49% of messages are ignored after you’ve matched. We say: up your dating game!

Ladies first

Ladies, there is no risk of having to ignore or rebuff unwanted advances; the days of being bombarded with unwanted messages is over (unless you’re using Bumble, but hey, who wants to be forced to chat within 24 hours or pay to be taken off the clock?). We don’t punish you for being busy.

Instead of being forced to initiate a chat, you can set your preferences to state whether you want to receive messages from guys; and if you’re feeling a little shy or feel like going incognito for a night on the prowl, then you can blur your profile pictures and choose to reveal yourself to your favourite match. What happens on Piin, stays on Piin.

How Piin works

You can surf Piin from the comfort of your sofa and explore profiles within your set distance, in the same way you would with any other dating app (but more efficiently…and with better features, obvs).

Better yet, you can check in to your favourite spots where you know your type(s) hang out and cast your fishing net. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can check in to somewhere new and widen your horizons. We like the idea of finding our soulmate in the First Class BA Lounge at Terminal 5. But then, we also like the idea of checking into our local gym and having a peek at who’s ready to mingle…hmmm.

Read more about how it works here.

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With Piin you are only visible on the app when you want to be!

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