Where to Piin?

Here, there and everywhere!

Our mission

To help you reclaim your power from all the time-sucking, soul destroying swiping dating apps out there and allow you to experience connections as efficiently and naturally as possible.

Take back what’s yours – your time, your choices, your preferences; stop having the wool pulled over your eyes. Algorithms DO NOT WORK. Stop paying high subscription fees to be lied to about science and mathematics that claim will match you with your soulmate. We call bullshit.

Our vibe

We are as individual and fickle as you are. We know what we want and when we want it, but we also want to be able to change our minds…based on the tide, the moon and any other mood changing factors beyond our control. Our emotional seasons change. We might want to be ‘Boo’d up’ when it gets a bit chilly but then want something casual and sexy when the sun comes out. Our seasons can be daily, weekly, monthly… We get you.

We refuse to be segmented through our choice of dating app or forced to state our relationship intent for the next 6 months.

What we want for you

To have fun. Create stories, learn about yourself, grow as humans, make better choices, be kind, be respectful, accept you will not connect with everyone you like. We all have our own preferences, our own life narrative which shapes our desires and insecurities – it’s never personal!

Make connections – seasonal or life-long romances or friends – and enjoy life’s journey!

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