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Where to Piin?

Check in to your favourite places to find your perfect match!

How Piin works

Piin is the first Dating App to let you find exactly what you’re looking for where you are right now. Check in to your location – from bars and restaurants, concerts and gyms, museums and airports (and everywhere in between) to find local dates and your perfect match.
State your intent (Love, Date, Flirt or Hangout) so you are only shown profiles of singles who want the same thing as you.
Set your advanced filters so you can be as picky or unpicky as you like!

Why Piin?

Because you want to take control of your dating and social life in 2019!
You’re fed up of fake profiles, time wasters and spending valuable time swiping – with little reward. Piin puts the power back in your hands by letting you choose when you’re on the app, who you want to meet and what you want to meet them for. In real time.

But you don’t need to check in to explore profiles. You can use our advanced filters to find your perfect match from your sofa!

What we want for you

To have fun. Create stories, learn about yourself, grow as humans, make better choices, be kind, be respectful, accept you will not connect with everyone you like. We all have our own preferences, our own life narrative which shapes our desires and insecurities – it’s never personal!

Make connections – seasonal or life-long romances or friends – and enjoy life’s journey!

Download Piin

Want to go incognito? You are only visible when you want to be on Piin!

For press enquiries please contact press@piinapp.com