Piin App

5 Reasons you need Piin in your love life

Looking for a bit of romance in London? Find others looking to date or make friends in the places you hang out. Get rewarded for early sign-up.

  • Ultra-specific location check-in. At the library and time for a break... no problem.
  • Out with friends? Check in as a group and find others to hang out with.
  • Feeling shy? Go incognito and reveal yourself when you're ready. 
  • Profile videos - get to know matches faster. A video speaks a thousand images!
  • Set as many or as few filters as you like and only appear when you want and to people you are interested in.

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I can’t wait for the app to take off. I love the idea of only meeting people with the same romantic intent as me.




Omg, I can filter by height...

Emma Stewart


Love the fact you can link your favourite books and TED talks as well as social media feeds.