Micro-dating: the new dating trend you need to know about

Dating nowadays has become so formal. You meet online, speak for a couple of days until arranging a date that will usually take up an entire evening. Most of us don’t have time for that. Why dedicate your whole evening to someone when you know in the first four minutes of meeting whether or not you want to see them again. Micro-dating is the new dating trend for the time-poor to make dating more convenient and efficient for all of us.

Micro-dating is the term for using small snippets of your day that would usually wasted, to meet someone new. It’s dating deformalized. No more drawn out small talk over message in the hopes you can meet. Enjoy a spontaneous, low stress and low stake date. More dates, less small talk. Sounds ideal right?  

We know, there’s so many new phrases in today’s dating language it’s hard to keep up. Don’t worry if you’re feeling like you’re falling behind. We have a guide of terms to keep you up to speed. 

Micro-dating can occur in so many different forms.

Got half an hour before your next meeting? Set up a micro-date.

Fancy a quick drink after work? Set up a micro-date.

Stuck in the airport waiting for a delayed flight? Set up a micro-date.

Any of those moments where you think you “have time to kill” can be used for something that could actually benefit you in some way. Make better use of your time and meet some cute people why you do it.

Why should you try micro-dating?

We all know that meeting new people is a great way to enrich our lives. As humans we are social beings and need human interaction in order to thrive. 

Every encounter doesn’t have to be transactional. Sometimes it can be nice to meet someone new for a chat with no expectations. Micro-dating allows you to be exposed to new people as much as you like with no stakes as to whether or not they’ll be the love of your life. 

Being open to conversations with new people could lead you down paths you never thought it would. You never know who your next romantic partner, best mate or business mentor could be. Make the odds even better by increasing your network at any opportunity you have. 

Sitting home alone swiping through endless profiles just doesn’t seem like the most efficient or practical way to meet new people. Finding a profile to match with, waiting for them to match you back, force generic conversation for a couple of days to a week and then meet for a mediocre date. That is, if you haven’t already ghosted each other by then. 

When did dating become so long-winded? Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but it’s made dating harder. Yes, you have access to everybody single and looking inside your smartphone but what use is it if you never get off your phone and connecting in real life. 

Is it just for singles?

Micro-dating is not just for the singles. Couple’s can also benefit from this dating trend by making use of the small snippets of time they have during the day to spend them with their partner.

Simple things like doing the chores together or having a morning coffee together instead of scrolling through your phone means you can still enjoy eachothers company without having to schedule in a three hour dinner at some fancy restaurant every week. 

Another suggestion for micro-dating is to synchronise their lunchtimes and video call each other for a catch-up. Date nights are important for every relationship, but sometimes in particularly busy periods, they’re not practical. Date night can be whatever you want it to be, even if that means sitting together to watch your favourite Netflix series. 

How do you set up a micro-date?

It’s all well and good wanting to meet people in a more convenient way for you but how do you actually go about it? Real time dating apps like Piin help you to connect with like-minded people in the same location as you. Dates can be set up there and then and you can even set statuses so that your potential dates know the timescale you have. 

With dating apps being one of the main ways people meet nowadays, everything seems to be so drawn out. 

Dating often takes a lot of time and commitment – if you’re serious about searching for someone. Micro-dating helps you to slot in your love life to your regular day seamlessly without you having to put much effort into it. 

Who has time to meet with a stranger for a full blown meal at a fancy restaurant attempting to make small talk before you realise that they are actually quite dull and you just wasted your entire evening?


Micro-dating is a trend that appears to not be going anywhere. People are getting busier and busier, picking up side hustles and hobbies alongside their 9-5. There simply isn’t the time to be faffing about arrange evening long dates. Meet people fast. Validate the chemistry straight away and move on if there’s nothing there.

Use Piin to meet like-minded people in real time in all the places you love to hang out. Stop wasting time swiping and start experiencing the people around you. Download the app now.

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