How to make a good first impression (when you’re socially awkward)

Socially awkward? Yep

Overly confident or overly shy with no in between? Yep

Bit of a walking disaster? Yep

Really bad at first impressions? Yep yep yep yep yep.

No matter what anyone says, meeting people is hard. We’re no longer the age where people are forced to spend time with us and even more painfully forced to go around and say one nice thing about us in a circle during PSHE in year 3.

For the socially awkward (borderline inept) like myself, I tend to spend 40 minutes psyching myself up to go to an event where ‘I won’t even know half the people and I’d prefer to pretend I don’t know the half that I do know’. When you get there, sometimes it’s fine. Sometimes however, the room divides itself into 4 sub sections: those who are unfortunately not so subtly trying to out impress each other with how far up they are on the corporate ladder at age 23, those who are trying to get with each other, those who are successfully getting with each other and finally those who don’t really want to be there.

By the time you reach your mid-twenties, people have already established themselves and their friendship groups. It can be daunting to approach people let alone to try and slot yourself into their tightly sealed circle. The fact of the matter is: some people will be friendly, some people won’t be. The one’s that aren’t, tend to help you out on your quest to meet new people as they eliminate themselves from the running by proving early on to be the kind of people you’d beg not to be left in a post handmaid’s dystopian universe with (aka SERENA).

My advice would to unapologetically be yourself when you meet someone. Whether it’s someone you fancy or someone you want to best friends with, don’t hold back and be your weirdest self; in the words of Des’ree ‘you gotta be bad, you gotta be bold’.

However if the above fails and I’m really struggling to get the conversation starting I tend to rely on my go to, a question that separates the weak from the iconic: ‘What’s your favourite ABBA song?’


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Written by Maddy Bloxham (Instagram @MaddyBloxham)

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