Meet local singles: 6 places to find new love in your area

When you’ve lived in the same place for a few years, you can get stuck in the cycle of hanging out with the same people. Meeting a new romantic partner who isn’t someone you already know (or the ex of someone you know) can be a difficult task.

With the popularity of dating apps rising, it can be hard to meet someone organically. Nowadays it seems people are so obsessed with meeting someone through an app that they pay less attention to people in real life. Why put the effort into approaching someone when there is an unlimited list of other singles waiting on your phone. 

Dating apps aren’t for everyone and for some it can be extremely difficult to forge a connection online and can even be detrimental to someone’s mental health. The access to so many people through your phone when in reality you’re sat alone at home can be very isolating and these online profiles seem disposable. 

Meeting people online can be a great way to find people not in your usual circle however the likelihood of ever meeting up with someone from an app can be pretty slim. Most conversations end after a simple “hey” or the messaging goes on for too long and a date is never actually arranged. If you do push through it all and end up on a date, you could realise all of you effort has been for nothing and there is zero chemistry between the two of you in person. That’s where an app like Piin comes in usual. When you match with someone in the same bar or coffee spot or gym, you can meet up in person with them immediately to see if there’s a connection. No more missed opportunities and many more dates.

But what locations are you going to be surrounded with new people to find a connection with? Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best spots near you to meet local singles.

Places to meet local singles

A new exercise class

Get your sweat on in a different way. Not only will a new fitness class help your physical and mental health, but it will also open you up to be surrounded by a new group of people with a similar interest to you. The endorphins you get from a great workout will make it easier to start up a conversation with someone you’re attracted to. The shared experience of the class means you’ll have a great and natural conversation starter.

Free events in your town

The easiest way to start a conversation with a stranger is through a common interest. How do you find people with these interests? An event, gig or festival. These days there’s a festival for everything. Music, fitness, veganism, gin. The list is endless. The Facebook events page is the simplest way to find out what’s on near you and if anyone you might know is interested. 

Coffee shop

Want to find your fellow coffee snob? Coffee is very important to a lot of people and can be a great way to connect. The atmosphere is a lot more casual and chilled, leading to a natural organic conversation. People who hang out at coffee shops (especially alone) are likely to have a moment to kill and so starting up a conversation might just brighten their day.


Ok, so we’ve all seen You, and we’re all put off boys who work in bookstores for life. But if you put aside the stalking and murdering, it was a cute love story. Meeting in a bookstore is great because you know you share a key interest. You’ll have plenty to talk about and can even recommend each other books to discuss in later dates. 

Art Gallery

Similarly an art gallery is a great way to find someone with a similar interest to you. There’s plenty of visual stimulation so the conversation is guaranteed and it makes for a much cuter ‘how we met’ story. 


Let’s take it back to basics. A bar is a great place to be surrounded with new people. It’s a relaxed social setting and if you do drink, the alcohol can be great to help things along. At first it might be intimidating to approach someone you fancy but if you go into it with a confident (not cocky) approach you never know what might happen.


When meeting new people it’s important to read and understand cues so that you don’t start invading people’s time and space. Some people do not want to be approached, which is perfectly fine. Key behaviours to look out for in someone who wants to be left alone are: headphones in, not making or actively avoiding eye contact, mid conversation with someone else or glaring or pissed off demeanor. 


Want a fast, effective way to meet local singles near you? Use Piin to check in to your favourite bar, coffee spot, gym etc and match and meet immediately with other like-minded people. Stop wasting time swiping and get straight to the point by letting Piin make the first move. Avoid awkward situations of guessing people’s relationship status by only being shown to those looking for the same thing as you.

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