The law of attraction: how meeting new people can help you manifest anything you want!

The law of attraction is a buzz topic right now. The idea that you can get anything you want through manifesting sounds like some three wishes genie nonsense but when you learn about the process and the work you have to put it, it starts to sound a lot more believable. 

If it were as easy as simply saying I want ten grand out loud and it suddenly appearing on my doorstep, I’d be a millionaire. But alas, nothing in life is easy and in order to achieve whatever you want, you need to take action.

Now bear with me here, it does sound a bit hippy-dippy but once you understand and believe in this theory it all starts to make sense.

What is the law of attraction?

First things first, what even is the law of attraction? In the simplest terms, the law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It’s the idea that “all thoughts turn into things eventually”. So for example if your thoughts are negative you are likely to stay in a negative cycle as opposed to being in a positive mindset which would allow you to be able to reach your goals quicker and attract more positivity back to you.

In order for your manifesting to work you need to change up your energy to help to universe meet you halfway in giving you what you want. 

For example if you’re manifesting the perfect relationship, but stay home every night and stick with your everyday routine, you’re limiting your opportunities for the universe to work its magic. In short, saying yes and putting yourself out there is going to lead to more experiences that could bring you everything you’ve been looking for. 

Taking action shows the universe that you’re serious about your intention (sounds kinda lame I know but stay with me). It creates a huge amount of positive energy that will allow your desire to manifest into your life. It’s not a magic trick. If you want something you wouldn’t just sit around waiting for it to turn up. If you want to lose weight or improve your fitness, you wouldn’t live your current lifestyle with no changes and expect to magically see a difference. You have to change your diet and maybe step foot in a gym to start seeing results. 

The action that you take doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or involve a lot of effort. Simply saying yes to invitations or deciding to give someone a call or even using Piin to meet someone new when you’re out and about can present you with opportunities or resources that could help you get closer to achieving your goal. This is known as inspired action. 

Inspired action vs ego-based action

The difference between ego based action and inspired action is that ego based action usually stems from emotions such as jealousy, loneliness or anger. Whereas inspired action is your intuition guiding you to make decisions that could help you achieve your goal faster.

Sometimes it can be hard for us to tell whether something is inspired or ego based. The trick is to not overthink too much and trust your gut. Often inspired action will occur when you are doing what makes you happy as a response to you being yourself and not trying to control everything. 

To take inspired action you need to keep yourself in the ultimate vibration of how you want to feel. I know it sounds like a lot of nonsense but we all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. Depending on whether your frequency is high or low your mood and how you feel will change. If your frequency is low your energy is dense meaning your problems seem heavier and you have to exert a great deal of effort to accomplish your goals. Your life takes on a negative quality. If your frequency is high, the lighter you feel in all aspects of your life. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy and it is easier to deal with your emotions. Your life takes on a positive quality meaning that you can manifest what you desire with ease.

By consciously trying to keep yourself in a positive vibration, your intuition will be at its peak and making decisions and taking actions towards your dreams will be easier and feel a lot more natural to follow. 

Where to start

When a goal seems too far away to reach it can become overwhelming and difficult to navigate a route to get there. This happens to the best of us and the best thing to do is to simplify and try not to overthink. Listen to your intuition and make snap decisions based on your gut feeling with the belief that it will eventually lead you to where you want to be. You have to have full trust in the process and know that the universe will always deliver even if it’s not in the way you expected.

The closer you get to a goal, the easier it is to see the steps necessary to take to achieve it. 

By prioritising making yourself feel good, you can receive new inspirations and ideas on where to go. You will also enjoy all the actions you’re taking because they come from a good vibrational state. Whatever it is that you’re manifesting, you want it because it will make you happy. So following the law of attraction, in order to attract your desire into your life, you yourself need to live happily and let yourself be led by that. That way you’ll become a vibrational match for the goal and inspired action will flow to you.

New people, new paths

Bringing new people into our lives is the best way to open ourselves up to opportunities that we may not have even considered. Everyone has their own network and befriending someone new makes you a second connection to everyone they know. Whether it be them setting you up on a date with one of their friends or introducing you to someone who could give you a leg up in your career. Taking positive actions towards what you want could be as simple as introducing yourself to someone new. 

What it all boils down to is pretty obvious. Saying yes to opportunities and switching up your routine will allow all kinds of doors to open for you.

Make sure you never miss out on that serendipitous moment with Piin. Check in when you’re out and about to match and meet with other like minded people. Make new connections in the real world to network, make friends or find love. You never know where it could lead.  


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