Stand out from the crowd; Top tips to improve your dating app bio

It’s 2019 and apps have taken over the dating world. When was the last time you or one of your friends met someone in person that wasn’t at school or work. First impressions can be tough and with a dating app you have only seconds to portray your best self to a potential swiper. On average millennials spend around 10 hours a week on dating apps, which is a huge amount of time and therefore, a huge amount of profiles to sift through. Read on for our top tips to improve your dating app bio.

The dating app stock phrase

Let’s be honest, dating apps can be a bore. We see the same profile cliches over and over and it never seems to lead to anything. Using a dating app like Piin, once you match with someone you can meet with them straight away at the location you’re checked into and immediately see if there’s a connection there. Your profile is only shown to others in your location looking for the same thing as you.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer is usually… you don’t. Anyone who’s flicked through a stream of profiles can tell you that they all pretty much look and sound the same. Is it possible that we all just really love Peep Show? Are slow walkers really the bane of everybody’s life? Is everybody on earth obsessed with dogs?(yes) Dating app cliches are very much a thing and it’s likely you have at least one of these in yours.

“My biggest pet peeve is slow walkers”

“Looking to leave the single market before the UK”

“Want someone to chill and watch Peep Show with”

“I love music and travel”

“Pizza is life”

Obviously there’s a reason these things become cliche. People are trying to make themselves sound as appealing as they can and the best way to do that is to be as broad as possible to cover all bases. It may be an easy filler to get your profile done and dusted and get the matches rolling in, but in order to get real conversation started, you need to be specific. Even if you think it might be obscure, if someone comes across your profile and is into the same thing, that’s an instant connection and level of common ground.

How to improve your dating app bio and make it swipe worthy:

Before becoming a dating app drone, think about what it is you actually like about yourself, what your interests are that are unique to you and how your can portray that on your profile. A cliche that you can use to your advantage is two truths and a lie. It’s not the most innovative idea but allows a lot more creativity to bring across two interesting things about yourself and also opens up conversation immediately. Dating expert Paul Thomas Bell recommends not being too negative in your bio. Listing ‘Nos’ can be extremely off putting to potential matches making you seem grumpy and irritable. He also suggests getting a second opinion from a friend or a loved one just to double check that joke was as funny as you thought it was.

If you’re looking for to make meaningful connections that don’t end in a “hey” ,“hey” conversation graveyard, a unique and interesting profile is the way to go. The easiest way to do that is just to be unapologetically yourself and put that out there for the swipers to see.


With Piin you can spend less time making your online self sound like everybody else and more time showing your real self to people in real life. Piin allows you to check into a venue or location and see other like minded people in the same place looking to make a connection. You can skip the forced messaging chat and meet face to face for a drink instead. Download the app now and start meeting new people.

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