Dating apps for double dates; the latest craze for 2019

We get it, dating is hard. Trolling through apps, boring small talk conversations that lead to awkward dates. There’s no way to know from messaging if you’ll actually get on in person and have enough to talk about. A sure way to escape the pressure of a date is by turning it into a double. This can be as easy as asking your friends or using a dating app for double dates. 

It can even be more than a “double” if you both have a group of friends who are down to hang out and meet new people. It gives the date a much more casual vibe, which is ideal if you are just looking to get to know them a bit more before deciding if you want anything more.

Initiating a double date can be as simple as asking people in yours or your partner’s life to hang out, however that can sometimes leave the date a bit one sided if you’ve never met your partners friends before. To level the playing field you can use dating apps for double dating such as Piin to meet new couples when you’re in a bar or restaurant and start a spur of the moment double date there and then. You can make new friends, whilst still spending quality time with your date.

Benefits of double dates

What are the benefits of a double date you might ask? Firstly, there’s more people to chat to so if there is an awkward silence, you have the comfort blanket of your friend to stop you getting that cringing feeling. This is especially stress-relieving if the second couple involved comes from your friend group, opposed to your date’s friend group.

You can tell a lot about a person from how they act when they are around friends. Not only will you get to hear stories about your date from their friends but they may relax a little more around people they know showing a different side to them and the same goes for you too.

It’s also much easier to escape a bad date if you have other people around. If you’re not feeling it, there’s no guilt in leaving your date when they already have their own friends with them. It makes dating a lot safer and you can make sure to have your friends back.

Double dating for long term relationships

Double dates also don’t have to just be for newer relationships. If you’ve been with your partner for a while it can be nice to change up your routine by hanging with another couple. Sometimes conversations can run dry and it can be good to have new people to bounce off of. You also might end up on a date somewhere neither of you would have usually decided on but that you both end up really enjoying. It’s also a great way to make friends with your partner’s friends, which would result in spending more time together and ultimately strengthening your bond.

Dating in groups is beneficial for couples in all stages of relationships. Whether it’s to combat the early awkwardness or to spice things up in something more long term, it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone and connect with more people.

Why not alleviate the pressure of dating by turning your date into a double? With Piin, you can match with other singles in a bar whilst out with your friends and meet for a drink with them and their friends. It’s a fun way to meet new people whilst you’re out and about, taking away the awkwardness of meeting one to one. We’re in BETA now. Download the app and start connecting in real life.


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