The 2019 Dating Dictionary

The world of dating has always had its own language, from ‘courting’ ‘stepping out’ or ‘seeing’ to ‘finished with’, ‘chucked’ and ‘binned’ (charming!).  As technology changes the dating world beyond recognition, we have a whole new set of terminology to get to grips with and, the following is your dating dictionary to know your ghosting from your orbiting.  In our next guide, we’ll tell you what to do, should you find yourself victim to some of 2019’s ‘trends’.  You’re welcome!


Made famous by actress Charlize Theron during her relationship with Sean Penn,

Ghosting is the act of suddenly severing communication between yourself and a current squeeze without explanation.


A close relative of ghosting, zombieing begins with a sudden radio silence from one partner in a relationship.  The difference here is that the zombie will often ‘come back from the dead’ weeks or months later expecting to take up where he or she left off.


A hybrid of ghosting and zombieing, orbiting is the one where a partner will cease all personal communication including texts, calls and dates but will still engage with you on social media.  Confusing and irritating, an orbiter is usually trying to keep their options open by keeping themselves on your radar.


Cowardly and annoying, curving is the ‘I’d love to meet up but super-busy right now’ approach to ending a dating dalliance.  The curver will pop up every couple of weeks with one of these messages and will then reject any further meet up options – rather than just telling you that they’re not interested.


Curvin’s annoying sibling, a breadcrumber will keep their options open by keeping in touch but keeping it vague – for example, ‘We must get together soon,’ without even a hint about when ‘soon’ might be.

R Bombing

You know that thing where you can see that somebody has seen your message but hasn’t responded?  Yep, that’s R Bombing and will often be accompanied by the odd ‘Sorry, I’m rubbish at using my phone.’  Many call R Bombing the ultimate power play – we just call it rude!


Kitten what? You ask.  Kittenfishing is an offshoot of catfishing and involves somebody ‘getting creative’ with their online presence.  At its best, kittenfishing is simply the act of making oneself more attractive by exaggerating accomplishments and interests – at worst, it’s an entire persona built on lies

Bird Boxing

We’ve watched the film and we’ve seen the memes and, now, bird boxing has made its way into the dating scene.  This is the simple act of choosing to be blind as to a partner’s failings; whether they’re tight with money or a serial cheat.

Although this dating dictionary may make you feel like you need a thesaurus and map just to navigate the dating terrain, the good news is that there is a better way.

A new way to meet people

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Everybody’s welcome

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