For Love Nor Money – The Cost Of Romance In The UK

All the popular songs tell us that “love don’t cost a thing” and, although this may well be the case, unfortunately, finding it is a different story.  Recent studies show that dedicated daters in the UK spend a whopping £1280 a year on dating; collectively contributing £5.89 billion annually to the economy.  For many people aged between 23 and 29, this equates to an eighth of their income. The cost of romance is ever-growing, but is it worth the price?

Price Tag

The ‘cheap date index’ represents the average cost of a UK date as £127 per couple, and these generous lovers are spending their hard-earned cash on transport, restaurants, pubs, bars and movie tickets and that excludes the costs of a new outfit and the new lippy and grooming products. In comparison, despite their reputation for romance, courting couples in France and Italy spend just £46 between them.  Of course, these are simply costs involved in each physical meeting and don’t include telephone calls, the price of dating site membership and, most importantly, your time!

A survey of UK millennials revealed that young people are spending up to 10 hours per week on dating apps; browsing, messaging and assessing profiles.  Added to this is time ‘wasted’ on dates with (not so) potential suitors who have been, shall we say, less than honest on their profiles…Thankfully, Piin makes it easier to save money when looking for love.  Being location based you can check in to any of the following types of spots and keep those costs down! Here’s how:

  • Demi-date

    Let’s face it, we’ve all got ourselves all excited about a first date, only to discover within minutes that the chemistry is more drizzle than lightning bolts. Rather than risk being stuck on the date all night (and left with a hefty bill), arrange to meet for a quick coffee as a starting point – if it goes well, you can always carry on to the bar! Piin status update: “Free for a coffee? I like mine dark and rich”. 😉

  • The great outdoors

    Suggest keeping it light with an impromptu picnic in a local park or beach – cheap as chips with the added bonus of being able to chat without booming music or crowd chatter in the background. Plus open spaces are great if you want to be extra safe on that first date. Piin status update: “Looking for a cute-cumber for my hummus…”

  • Culture vulture

    Most towns and cities have something to offer in terms of culture and local interest. Check in to your local Art Gallery or Museum and or suggest a stroll around place of historic interest.  Not only will this save you cash but you’ll have plenty to talk about! Piin status update “Looking for the Picasso of my eye”…

We suggest you come up with better status updates.

the cost of romance

Dates cost on average £127 in the UK.

Love at first site?

Now, about those dating sites.  Membership of a popular dating site ranges from around £13 to over £80 per month which is a chunk out of most salaries so, what does that get you?  No much really.  Membership of a site simply gives you browsing access and the ability to contact another member.  They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince and, although some get lucky in a short space of time, many people spend months and even years on these sites searching for ‘the one’.  Although many dating sites offer discounts for paying for six or 12 months upfront, that’s still a considerable cash commitment.

A new way to meet people

The new Piin mobile dating app introduces the next generation of smart dating.  Piin’s clever geo-location format means that you can check in to any location – your favourite bar, coffee shop or museum and check out who’s checked into the same place or in spots nearby.  Not only does Piin allow you to clock somebody’s profile pic and details but, you can set your intent and smart preferences so that you only see those who tick the boxes and are looking for the same things as you.

Being able to arrange a meeting ‘right here, right now’ means no more time wasted on endless dull evenings and no more expensive failed dates and, best of all, Piin is free to download!

Everybody’s welcome

Piin is an inclusive app and supports non-binary and numerous sexualities. So, whatever you’re looking for – a date, love, something casual or someone to have a coffee with – it’s the perfect way to meet new people in your area.

So check in with Piin, check them out and meet up completely free of charge.

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